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PC vs Mac

What’s Best, PC or Mac?

There is literally no end to the debate as to which among the two computers are best. On one hand Mac also known as Apple Macintosh is the product of Apple while PC basically runs on Windows operating system. Macbook or iMac run on the operating system Mac OS X is under the total control of Apple while Windows PC are made by brands like Acer, Dell, HP and Lenovo among the top most recognizable companies while there are hundreds of others too in the market catering to customers around the world. The first most important point that one comes across is the brand diversity of Windows PC that makes it quite difficult even for experts to compare it with Mac.

However, it is quite easily seen that both Mac and Windows PC are both personal computers although there are certainly some differences in the two if you were planning to purchase one. It is to be noted that although there is brand diversity in Windows PC they all run under Windows software only. In the very first instance you may get a fair idea about the product positioning of the two. Mac, for instance, is carefully planned and packed product while Windows PC are generic both in their hardware and easily handled by a range of manufacturers.


Given a Choice is Mac better than PC?

First of all make it clear in your mind as to what is your actual purpose for buying a PC or a Mac. If you think you are better off with either then the choice falls on you. For those who have few uses of computer other than checking on email or browse the Internet regularly or simply use a word processor for little tasks then surely a Windows PC is the right thing for them.

On the other hand if you have specialized tasks to perform and would like them to be hassle free and full of ease of performance then Mac is your better option. For instance, people who like to do a great job with editing of videos, graphic designing works, music and such others that require greater level of satisfaction and not just any type of user experience should go for Mac.

There is yet another way to look at it for if you are interested only in simple web browsing or doing simple tasks then why invest a huge amount on a Mac when a PC can give you the same level of service. On the other hand if you have plenty of money then you may purchase a Mac and to tell you the truth you would never regret it even for a moment.

Windows PCs are ubiquitous or that is what most people feel and they come at quite a low price. Hence, for new buyers the PC is affordable and you may also give your maximum rough play on it depending upon the company that has manufactured it. Later you may download your applications and other tools according to your convenience.

In the case with Mac, the Apple takes care of everything right from A to Z and when you open your package after a delivery you will notice that it has almost everything you wish to have all ready for you to use. That surely make the Mac slightly pricey too, but you needn’t have further bother as it gives off seamless mechanism when you put it into operation.


Security factor of Mac versus PC

The Window PC has been subject to great deal of malware attacks and you need to have sound anti-virus software installed if you wish to have a trouble free system for your usage. In the case with Mac this isn’t the case as so far Mac has not been subject to such vicious virus attack although of late it is seen that it may too become vulnerable with the rapidity of changes in malware. Yet relatively it has been free from such virus attacks and you have little to worry.

Another best thing about Mac is that its program doesn’t close down if you had wrongly or absentmindedly clicked on the red X button on the right. The program can only be closed if you must click on the program name. In the case with Windows software a click on the X closes down the whole program.

It is proved beyond doubt that Mac is a high quality computer system and there are no lags anywhere to be found. Windows may have given some trouble to many yet on the whole for users who are not particular about the way it functions, but can meet their requirements the Windows PC is the right thing to buy.

With PCs you may not get the same degree of prestige as you would when you buy Mac and Apple considers this to be in line with its general policy and that is to give its customers the very best on a higher price level.

tech companies

Leading Tech Companies 2018

There is nothing surprising to see that the technology companies are the top ranking organizations and they even out rank the best among the rest of the manufacturing firms too. The technology or the IT sector has some of the best ranking in the list of top organizations both in terms of revenue yielding capacities and also for the best innovative driven environment they helped create. Apart from these many tech companies are best known for their awesome working environment and many employees think that they had remained hard core fans of their own firms due to the very fact that they have become like one single large family.

To make matters even more interesting it has been revealed through separate studies carried out around the world that the tech companies also are the highest paying companies and they leave behind all other manufacturing giants’ way behind when it comes to employee perks and emoluments. Against this background many institutions have independently ranked tech companies of 2018 due to their marked performance and steady revenue yielding potential.

Top performers among tech companies 2018

You will often find that the criteria or the benchmarks applied by some of the research institutions vary somewhat in their technicalities while marking the top tech companies 2018. Save for a few that may get better ranking in their list the top 10 are always among the top ten in the most authentic list of top rankers. These tech companies have become so by their virtue of unbeatable performance and revenue yielding power over a constant period throughout their history making them the best among the best worldwide.

Tech companies like the Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, Facebook and Alibaba have also tend to make to the top list no matter how good other companies performed. According to the World Economic Forum the top 20 comprehensive list of top tech companies 2018 would be as follows.

Name of the Company                                           Country of origin

  • Apple USA
  • Amazon USA
  • Alphabet          USA
  • Microsoft USA
  • Facebook USA
  • Alibaba China
  • Tencent                                                       China
  • Netflix USA
  • Ant Financial China
  • Sales Force USA
  • Booking Holdup USA
  • PayPal USA
  • Baidu China
  • Uber USA
  • com China
  • Didi Chuxing China
  • Xiaomi China
  • eBay USA
  • Airbrib USA
  • Meltuan-Dianping China

Slow Steady Rise of Asian Tech Companies

There has been a slow steady rise in the number of tech companies retaining the top spot in the world tech map. It is generally seen save for a few most Asian companies are from China mainland. There are also some discrepancies when it comes to acknowledging the fact that apart from the top well known Western tech companies many companies are on the upswing when it comes to value addition on year on year basis many Eastern companies too are vying for the top ten spots world wide.

The above list and so also the Forbes list do not carry the names of the very top Asian giants due to the benchmark standards they follow while naming the companies on the list as above. You will find the name Samsung which is a Korean giant out of the list simply because the company has not just technology to offer, but other products as well. Yet when it comes to value addition and creativity they tend to rank around third or fourth position from the top.

This means that any list is not comprehensive list in so far that the benchmark each authorized institutions employ are quite different in scale and appropriateness when compared to others that exists. Among the valuable tech companies you often find Infosys or Tata Consultancy Services on the top ladder yet they may not merit mention in some of the lists.

Best Companies give Best Results

It is quite certain that USA leads in tech companies with greatest value yet overall the position of USA may significantly come down with the rise of tech companies elsewhere in the world today. Again, it is also seen that it is not just enough for tech companies to make it to the list for the sole reason that they are adding revenue only. The workplace environment has become an important factor to be reckoned by many agencies when it comes to forming the best technology organizations.

Many tech companies have a list of benefits made for their employees so as to make them as friendly to their workers. This may include, but not limited to, emoluments, pay and other allowances, special parking spaces to pet care centers.

It is perhaps for this reason alone that manufacturing companies have taken a back seat when it comes to the digital world. Hence, any list that is rolled out by leading institutions may just serve as something generic only and has not much to do with the overall employee performance and satisfaction levels at each individual tech firms.

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